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Our Story

Bringing the power of plants to the people

CBD is an old chemical that has become relatively new phenomenon gaining traction in the market due to loosening regulations on the manufacture and sale of Hemp. Many people are opening their minds and their wallets to purchase this product to help with issues from inflammation to anxiety. There is not alot of hard  science to support many of the claims being made but there is alot of anecdotal evidence to support at least giving it a try. 

Unfortunately, as with any agricultural product there are costs associated with its production from the seeds, labor, cultivation equipment, state, city, and county licenses, etc. to the costs of extraction. Add to these costs the expenses of packaging and marketing and the market forces that keep the prices high for early investors to cash in and you can see why prices have been so high for this product.

Costs might not be an issue for some, but cash-strapped consumers may not have the disposable income to keep up with a suggested dosing regimen needed to address their issues. When this happens, consumers are liable to lead with their wallets and buy  inferior CBD products that can be incorrectly labeled, impure, or even unsafe rather than lab tested.

The team here at Equilibrium found ourselves in the same situation as many consumers, need without funds. When we did try the product and had our own success in managing our issues, we quickly saw that we would probably bankrupt ourselves or have to stop taking the CBD supplement altogether. That was not an acceptable answer for us so we set out to find a solution.

What we found was a way to source pharmaceutical grade, high quality, regulated and tested CBD isolate in Europe at a cost that made it possible for us to continue our use. Once we perfected the recipe for our first premium eLiquid product, Mint Berry Chill, we were able to share it with friends & family who also had great results.

From this was born the idea of Equilibrium. We felt that it was time  producers to get serious about helping people more than taking advantage of a boom market. We saw that we could sill operate and provide quality at a price that was more manageable for people like us. We saw that now was the time to bring some balance into this market and that small producers would be leading the charge.

Maybe we will not become millionaires with our product, but we believe in the idea that health is wealth and service to others is the greatest reward.